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Change Print File Size

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Change Size
Warning: Sizes over 16,000px may crash most software.

Find and Replace Text

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Warning: This will replace all text and cannot be undone without starting over.

Render Images from XML URL.


Render Images with a MyStyle Design ID.

ex: 75890

Add Image from Computer:

Drop Image Here

Drag and drop the image from your computer to this spot to add it to the design

Note: Make sure the image you are adding is high-res / print size.

Add an Overlay Image to Print File from URL

ex: //www.mystyleplatform.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/mystyle-corporate-programs1.png

Note: This overlay image should be the same exact size as the print image and match up corner to corner without resizing.

Print image size(s): ...

Render a print image from a link in your design manager or order queue in your system, or use a Design ID or URL with the Render menu (top right).

To see the warnings, run in debug mode and check your Chrome Console. (F12, Esc). Then, use the Filter to look for the word "warning"